Today’s guest is Laura Yates who is a BREAK UP COACH, that’s right– she is your go-to gal when it comes to healing and rebuilding after a breakup. So amazing right? She has coached herself and hundreds of other women through heartbreak so that they can become their happiest, most confident, and most fulfilled selves, proving that you don’t need anyone else to complete you– you are whole all by yourself.

Laura has had her work featured on the Daily Mail, Eharmony, Reveal Magazine, Glamour, Vice, Mashable, Marie Claire and Stylist Magazine to name a few and also has a podcast herself!

She says that she’s a coach, mentor, friend, and cheerleader all rolled into one, and honestly, whether dealing with a breakup or NOT, we ALL need someone like that in our lives. I just know that you are going to LOVE Laura and the insights she shares in this episode!


Laura’s personal journey from heartbreak to happiness and how that catapulted her into the world of break-up coaching– she’s like a “personal trainer for heartbreak”  (4:00)

She says the best thing you can do after a break-up is to focus on the future instead of dwelling on the past. “You’re thinking ‘I feel really bad about where I am right now, but who do I want to become as a result of this? What goals do I want to set for myself?’ You feel far more proactive if you can get into that state” (13:00)

The emotional difference between being broken up with and breaking up with someone (14:00)

“Getting time apart is so crucial to being able to move on emotionally… you’ve gotta be able to create distance” (17:00)

Laura’s approach to helping her clients begin the bounce back when they feel like they’ve hit rock bottom means “helping them reclaim their power and figure out what tools we can start to bring into their day to day to help with the emotions they’re feeling” (19:00)

Is making drastic changes to our appearance a healthy way to work through a break-up? (21:30)

One of the most common issues with relationships that don’t work is getting too comfortable and not having a life outside of your relationship “We don’t take the opportunity to think about all of the other parts of life that we could get fulfillment from, and it’s not until a breakup happens when we think ‘oh my god, what is my life?'” (26:00)

Laura is a huge believer in facing the uncomfortable things head on. She says, “When you can identify what those self-sabotaging behaviors are, then you’re gonna be setting yourself up so much better for the future and be able to work at rebuilding your life again. If you just bulldoze through, those things will continue to come up again and again” (29:00)

“We all have the stuff that isn’t so great, but the fact that you can own it, and you know you’re working on it, that takes so much courage and so much strength. Anyone who’s going through that should really give themselves a big hug, because that shows you’re made of great stuff– it shows how resilient you are. Keep always going back to things that you really like about yourself” (33:00)

How can we approach future relationships with an open mind and an open heart after being hurt badly before? (34:00)

Healthy vs unhealthy ways to use social media after a break-up (37:00)

The 3 biggest mistakes women can make after a break-up (41:30)

Rapid-fire questions (47:30)

The #GrindAndBeGratefulQuestion (52:00)

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