Today it’s just you and me and we’re doing one of my favorite things– a Q&A! I’ll admit it– this show, in general, is partially a selfish endeavor– I just LOVE having an excuse to sit down with awesome guests and pick their brains as if we’re two friends grabbing coffee. And I obviously hope that you have the same questions and interests as I do, but ya never know, right? So TODAY, I want to make absolutely sure that I’m answering the questions that YOU care about. I put up a few question boxes on my Instagram story this week– LOVE that feature, and I asked you guys for your business, fitness / wellness, and personal questions and boy, did we get some good ones!


How I practice self-love and stay confident in my body when it’s changing, whether it’s due to health issues or an intentional fat loss or muscle gain phase (3:30)

3 things I appreciate about my body now that I wouldn’t have appreciated 2 years ago (8:00)

How to pursue health and fitness goals without getting obsessive about them (11:30)


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