Today we have the absolute pleasure of hearing from one of my best friends, Amanda Bucci. Amanda is a 24 year-old fitness influencer and competitor turned business coach and lifestyle entrepreneur. She is absolutely killing it on Instagram, YouTube and is also the host of her own podcast, Bucci radio. Not only does she create incredible content, but she is also a powerhouse CEO of the Fitness Online Coaching Academy and  Influencer Academy.


“I consider myself both an influencer and CEO” (4:00)


“I specialize in authenticity, creating influence, creating a brand, and then creating a business behind it. My true passion is lifestyle business, so businesses that are built around the lifestyle that you want to live, not necessarily just about the dollars or the money, but just creating an amazing lifestyle, helping people, making an impact, fulfilling your mission, and just feeling really happy overall with what you’re doing on a day to day basis” (4:55)


“I feel like I’ve lived a different life time every single year”. Amanda has already tried so many different things, and that is what has allowed her to create such a strong identity for herself. From joining a sorority, going to nursing school, being an online fitness coach, competing in bodybuilding and powerlifting, and now being an influencer and CEO, she has had to learn and adapt countless times. (6:00)


“When I realized that I didn’t have to be anyone that I didn’t want to be, I was super convicted in that. I started doing Instagram, competitions, and fitness coaching all during my senior year of nursing school… then when I moved back to California, that’s when everything really took off” (9:20)


One of Amanda’s strength is being able to set her mind on something, and just start executing, but that doesn’t come without struggles (11:45)


“I’m very much so a people pleaser in my natural state, so I was always really worried about what people think about me…  all of these pivots…. every single time has been me overcoming a fear situation” (12:10)


She explains that overcoming fear is a process where you can start small and conquering bigger and bigger fears as you gain confidence. “Once you do something and see that it’s going to be okay…. You know that ‘okay, this little thing that I did was okay, so I can do the next thing, and the next thing’” (13:30)


Both Amanda and I have gone through huge mindset transformations from being negative and defensive to being positive and self-aware. She says that “it’s been a lot of shifting… realizing that the energy you put out into the world is what comes back to you” (18:10)


Social media has played a big role in that transformation, because we’ve learned to accept criticism and be open to other people’s perspectives. “I’ve opened myself up to curiosity and realized I don’t’ know everything…. I can be an open-minded person in the way that I learn about things, and I’m no longer defensive” (20:40)


As we change, the people around us tend to change as well. Amanda explains, “the people that are my close friends… they’re all these people who have positive, infectious, giving, evolved, self-aware energy, and that’s the only energy that I have time for anymore” (28:00)


“You can view it as ‘I’m not there yet, and I’ll never be’ or ‘I’m not there yet, and I’m excited to be’. The difference is just self-belief, which comes from confidence building… that takes time too… things don’t happen overnight” (32:50)


Amanda shares her top 2 actionable steps for building confidence

  • Keep promises you keep to yourself, whether it’s making it to the gym, or finishing your to-do list
  • When you feel trapped in a negative headspace, focus good energy outward by serving others, knowing that that good energy will come back to you



A hugely important part of a successful mindset is believing in abundance. “There is enough room for everyone to succeed”, whether it’s in business, money, relationships, self-esteem, or anything else. “It takes a lot of courage to stand up and say, I’m going to do this regardless of the fact that there are hundreds of people doing it out there”  (37:00)


“Once I started owning everything… I haven’t gotten too much [hate]… when you own something, it’s really powerful and it’s almost like you create a shield [from hate] around yourself” (40:00)


Both Amanda and I have been to both ends of the spectrum when it comes to fitness, and that’s why we value balance so much. “You have to experience stuff to really get it” (47:00)


Her #GrindAndBeGrateful answer (51:30)