Get Fully Booked in 30 Days as an Online Coach

Starting to feel like this whole online health / fitness / life coach thing just isn’t possible for you? 😩
Getting frustrated and overwhelmed doing alllll the things but going nowhere?😤


 (you know, the kind that actually lasts)

What if you had a proven blueprint to take you from stuck at zero to setting up + scaling your biz for long-term, sustainable growth?

And what if that blueprint was free?
Good news, friend. I’m spilling all the insider secrets in this exclusive video training, and YOU are invited!

Hey there, I'm Marie


My FREE Get Fully Booked in 30 Days as an Online Coach video training 

The frameworks I’ll be sharing in this free training have helped my clients…

Quit their unfulfilling 9-5 jobs and run their coaching businesses full-time (with the income to show for it 🔥)

Sign their first 20 clients in less than 4 months (imagine what 20 more clients could do for you... 💰)

Hit the $100k mark in their first year of business (without working themselves to the bone 🙌🏼)

Finally have the means to create freedom and expansion in their lives (I’m talking vacations, mortgages paid, families started, alllll the things 👏🏼)

If getting your coaching business off the ground has you overwhelmed, overworked, and stuck at the starting line...

We need to talk.

Not Your Average Free Training

Here’s the deal: There’s lots of free info out there—but most of it is just regurgitating tactics that you’ve heard a million times (and tbh, that’s not my thing).  The strategies I’m sharing in this training have stood the test of time will 100% take your business to THE NEXT LEVEL.


My proven five-phase process for setting up + scaling your coaching business (that’s helped my clients generate over $1,000,000 doing what they love🤩)


How you can stand out from the crowd and find your competitive edge so clients want to work with you over everybody else. (The market might be saturated, but it’s NOT that competitive. I can help you stand out + be seen🙌🏼)


Essential, easy-to-follow social media content strategies to help you grow a following FULL of ideal clients (trust me, you’ve never tried these🤓)


Key components for structuring + pricing your coaching program for maximum impact AND income (because you deserve to be paid well for changing lives🥂)


The top systems and platforms you need to elevate your client experience and scale to $5k+ months with ease (work smarter, not harder baby💅🏼)

Ready to stop spinning your wheels and finally turn your PASSION into a career path with REAL purpose (that gives you allllll the freedom you desire)?


I'm Marie.

A 7-figure business mentor + marketing strategist for ambitious online coaches ready to make bank while making a difference. But more than that, I’m a woman who’s been in your shoes—I’ve been that new health + fitness coach feeling tired, frustrated, and feeling like everyone gets it but me. 

But after nearly a decade in this online coaching industry, I’ve learned a thing or two about how to sustainably scale without losing your sanity OR joy. I’ve been able to double my business year-over-year for several years in a row—and let me tell ya, once you get to the other side, it’s all worth it.

I help new online coaches get booked and busy every day, and there’s no reason why you can’t be next.

 It’s time for you to learn how to grow and keep growing your dream business without sacrificing all your time, energy, and life.

Not to be dramatic, but the 25/7 hustle culture just isn’t it for me, and it doesn’t have to be for you either. And yes, spending 18 hours a day scrolling Instagram trying to absorb all the free info you can still counts as hustling.

Let’s leave that behind for good, k? K. 

Get Fully Booked in 30 Days as an Online Coach

My proven five-phase process for setting up + scaling your coaching business
(And yep, you’re getting it all for free)