If you’re constantly asking yourself, “what should I post on Instagram today?”, you are missing out on so much impact AND income, my friend!

You shouldn’t be feeling anxious or frazzled every time you post– it should feel strategic, intentional, and organized. 

When you are constantly winging your content, you are also going to be falling short on some CRUCIAL aspects of content strategy, like: 

  • Establishing yourself as an expert on a selection of focused, highly-relevant topics
  • Building authority with your audience so that they see you as a go-to, trusted resource
  • Leveraging the power of the algorithm, so more people see your stuff

A little strategy goes a LONG way when it comes to optimizing your growth, engagement, and ability to use Instagram as the powerful lead generator it is.

I really mean that– my clients and I regularly have five- and six-figure, Instagram-based, organic launches!

In case you haven’t caught on yet… there’s literally a strategy to everything, including how to create and plan your content on Instagram! 

In my best-selling Instagram course, Content Boss, I teach my students how to plan out a whole month’s worth of content in ONE hour or less. Seriously, it’s that simple. 

I’m going to give you a little peek into the proven process I teach my students.

There are THREE main factors that get combined to create your ideal content plan– let’s get to it!

1. Get crystal clear on your Content Pillars


Content pillars are 4-5 broad topics that you regularly create content about.

In other words, these are the topics that you want to be KNOWN for.

For example, mine are content creation, sales, scaling, confidence / mindset, and personal / lifestyle.

A fitness and wellness coach for example, may want to be known for intuitive eating, intentional movement, self-love / body positivity, and personal / lifestyle!

So ask yourself: what do YOU want to be known for? What topics can you consistently help people with + build authority around?

Note: I recommend having a personal / lifestyle pillar to help people connect with you on a personal level!

2. Consistently hit all 5 Content Goals


My 5 goal framework ensures that you have a good balance in the TYPE of content you’re creating, and that your audience is getting many different kinds of value.

My 5 signature Content Goals are:

  1. Connect
  2. Lead
  3. Inspire
  4. Teach
  5. Sell 

(Don’t focus on the acronym too much…or do, you’ll never forget it!

You should *consistently* be accomplishing all 5 in your content! No, you don’t need to connect, lead, inspire, teach and sell all in one post, but the overall strategy is to focus on 1-2 goals per post, and hitting all 5 on a regular basis.

Which one are you not doing enough of? Let me know in the comments!


3. Increase your frequency for faster growth


If you want to be a content creating boss, you should be creating at least 3 feed posts per week and 4-6 story slides per day!

I know that can sound like a lot, BUT that’s why planning your content is SO key!  

In Content Boss, I encourage my students to get consistent with each level before moving up to the next!

There are 3 different ‘levels’ of posting in Content Boss and Level 1 is 3 feed posts per week + 4-6 story slides per day! 

Combine all of 3 these elements together and you’re golden, gf! You can start creating a strategic and intentional content plan with EASE.

This was just a little taste – the FULL rundown of these concepts and many more are waiting for you inside of Content Boss, my Instagram course for mastering content creation, showing up confidently, and owning the algorithm!


You can click HERE to see if Content Boss is currently open for enrollment, or add yourself to the waitlist, if not!

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