They say “if you build it, they will come”… but that’s not entirely true.

The saying should be “if you build it RIGHT, they will come”, because simply throwing together your next offer is NOT gonna cut it.

Before you can start reeling in clients and filling your programs, you need to get *crystal* clear on each of your offers, the value they provide, and the price point you sell them for.

You need to be able to answer questions like:

“What specific results will people get?”

“What needs to be included to create those results?”

“What is the optimal format to facilitate the transformation?”

“What information needs to be included?”

“What accountability, community, and communication needs to be included, if any?”

“What is the value of this for the ideal client?”

“What price point makes sense for both me and the client?”


Do not pass go, do not collect $200 UNTIL you have you do! 

The most fool-proof way to formulate a winning offer is to go through my signature Transformation Mappingprocess.

The core of Transformation Mapping™ is being able to identify *exactly* what Point A and Point B look and feel like for your ideal client.

You should be able to describe, in detail, where your client will start out, and then where they will end up after experiencing your offer.

Then, we connect the dots.

Ask yourself: “what is the road between where my ideal client currently is and where they want to be? How do we close the gap between those two points?”

Map out exactly what checkpoints they need to hit in order to make progress toward Point B.

Eventually, you should have a clear picture of what the road from Point A to Point B looks like– you should have a ‘map’ of the client journey.

Next, you have to determine what TOOLS they will need to navigate the journey.

What tools, support, information, and touch points will help them get to Point B as smoothly as possible?

Remember though, the best offers aren’t necessarily the ones with the most STUFF, they’re the ones with the RIGHT stuff– nobody likes unnecessary junk weighing them down.

Once you’ve completed all three phases of the Transformation Mapping™ process, you should have a fully formulated, irresistible offer that will create incredible transformations for your future clients!

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The Irresistible Offer Workbook will take you through each step of my signature Transformation Mapping™ process, so that you can feel 100% confident in the value + structure of your offers, and create something truly irresistible to your dream clients.