You've already hit some major milestones in your biz... but honestly? You've barely scratched the surface of your potential and you're ready to play BIGGER. It's time for the impact, the income, and the influence to blow up in the best way.

⟶  You know how to get your clients incredible results, but they aren't exactly beating down your door to work with you. You wish that you had a proven way to get consistent DREAM CLIENT leads and be able to close them with ease. 

You've been winging it in your business and it's worked to an extent, but you're ready to evolve into the CEO that you know you can be. Grit and scrappiness can only get you so far... it's time to get strategic and transform your business into a well-oiled machine.

⟶ ​You know it's time to go bigger and get more strategic. Whether it's adding something new to your offer suite (a group program? something passive? both??), or raising your prices, or pulling off 6-figure launches, or hiring a badass team, or all of the above... you're ready to go to the next level. 

​⟶ You feel like it's been you and your laptop against the world, but what you're really craving is SUPPORT and sisterhood. Building your empire can get LONELY, and now you want nothing more than some close biz besties who truly GET IT and want nothing more than to see you win.

​⟶ You see what's possible for yourself and your business, but it kinda scares the shit out of you. It's tempting to play small, because small is SAFE... but you don't want to live an "okay" life, you want it to be EPIC-- you need someone who's going to dream big, call you on your shit, and hold you accountable to your highest potential.

let me guess...

You've only scratched the surface of your potential...

let's uncover the rest.


The ultimate coaching experience + tight-knit community for online coaches and service providers who are ready to scale their business to multiple-6-figures + beyond.

Online Coach Empire Mastermind™ was created for online coaches, educators, and service providers in any industry who have an established business and want to SCALE to empire status while stepping into CEO life. 

I'm guessing that... 

👉🏼 You've realized that what got you HERE is not going to get you THERE. 

👉🏾 You walk the walk, so you see the unparalleled value in investing in a mentor who's in your corner and will be invested in your success. 

👉🏽 You're ready to turn your business into a full-blown EMPIRE.

👉🏻 You understand that you don’t know what you don’t know-- it’s time for some major strategic upgrades.

👉🏿 And you're wishing you had some biz besties who GET IT, are about that entrepreneur life, and genuinely want to see you win.

Orrrr I've just been exactly where you are, and I know what it takes to shift into the next stage of business + life.

I must be psychic, huh?

Once upon a time, I was feeling overwhelmed and burned OUT from doing #allthethings in my business, yet I still felt stuck and desired MORE... more impact, more income, more freedom. I knew what I wanted, but I honestly had no idea HOW to make it all happen, especially without just working 24/7.

So, I faced my fears and invested in my very first mastermind, and the game was CHANGED-- I discovered the power of community and mentorship and never looked back. I've now invested $200k+ into masterminds and they have been the leverage point that has allowed me to become an industry leader WHILE living out my CEO dream life.

Now, I've taken the very BEST aspects of each one I've experienced, added in my unique expertise from 6+ years in the online coaching industry, and created the ultimate *small* group coaching container for ambitious online coaches and service providers who are craving the next level. 

TONS of coaching access? Check.
High-level strategy? Check.
Close-knit community? Check.
A backstage pass to my 7-fig biz? Check.
Industry-leading guest experts? Check.
Plenty of accountability? Check.
Everything you need to scale? Check, check, and check.

Consider this the luxury all-inclusive of the online business world.


Choose your minimum commitment (6 or 12 months), then we'll hit the ground running with a *private* kick-off call so you know EXACTLY where to start and what to focus on to get EVERYTHING you want in business and life.

From there, we will work closely together to build your business into a true EMPIRE. From overhauling your business model, to scaling your offers, to building an unshakeable mindset, to adding endless dream clients to your audience, to mastering advanced sales + launching strategies, to adding new offers to your arsenal, to upgrading your lifestyle so you can be a true CEO... I've gotchu 100% covered.

submit an application
STEP TWO: we'll jump on a no-pressure clarity call (or chat via DM) to map out a strategic game plan + go over program details
STEP THREE: commit for 6 or 12 months minimum and get ready to build an empire

Rolling Enrollment - Start today!

here's how it works:



What's In Store

✔️ ​ 3x monthly 90-minute small group coaching calls 

NOTE: these are not 200-person zoom meetings where you're just another face in the crowd. Your calls with Marie, your mindset & energetics coach, and your operations coach will include personalized feedback, troubleshooting, celebrating wins, mindset resets, and plenty of time for hot seat coaching and Q&A's so that you are always moving the needle and able to implement with clarity immediately [$18889 VALUE]

✔️ ​  1x monthly advanced strategy workshops*

Where we will focus on a specific topic to elevate your biz strategy + execution. Whether it's sales planning, live launching, content creation, copywriting, productivity, mindset, or something else... we will go from theory to application with next-level strategies [$12449 VALUE]

*If the ideal workshop for that month is pre-recorded, we will have a co-working session to support you as you implement! 

✔️ ​ ​1x 60-minute private Breakthrough Call (per 6-Months)

Where my eyes are laser-focused on your business so that we can map out intentional goals, strategies, and mindset shifts that set you up for total success [$997 VALUE]

✔️ ​ ​Weekly 1:1 Feedback 

Get 1:1, in-depth feedback on your content, marketing, and sales assets so you can MASTER client attraction and empowered sales conversions. Social posts, emails, sales pages, and even sales call recordings are fair game. [$9997 VALUE]

✔️ ​ Daily group coaching access via Slack

Contagious momentum meets world-class support ... all in your back pocket. Our OCE hub is your go-to place for daily questions, detailed feedback, and accountability. This is the best of mentorship AND community all in one.  [$8559 VALUE] 

✔️ ​  24/7 access to your high-vibe community 

Of like-minded entrepreneurs. This is your space to get endless encouragement, friendship, and opportunities for brainstorming together [$3997 VALUE]

✔️ ​Guest Expert Trainings 

Giving you access to incredible industry leaders who spill their secrets just for OCE. PLUS access to our massive guest expert training vault with replays on must-have topics like finance, legal, mindset, systems, + more [$5597 VALUE]


Tap into next-level luxury and accelerate your growth at OCE IRL retreats! [PRICELESS]



✔️ ​ Access to Content Boss®

My best-selling Instagram + content strategy course [$997 VALUE]

✔️ ​ access to Online Coach Kickstart®

My foundational curriculum for setting up your coaching business.. This is PERFECT for making sure we fill any structural or knowledge gaps before taking everything to the next level! [$5579 VALUE]

That's over a $80,000 value, but investment options are as low as $10k

let's level up →

✔️ ​ Access to *THE VAULT*

Self-paced access to literally everything I've every created-- past strategy workshops, guest expert sessions, The Sales Conversion Secrets Bundle, endless templates, content prompts, and more  [$12997 VALUE]

We'll Work Together to Achieve:

→ An audience full of dream clients who are just waiting to throw their credit cards at you so you can change their lives forever.

→ An epic offer suite with the high-level sales + launch strategies to match.

→ True CEO status, where you are confidently running the show, not just winging things and hoping that they'll work.

→ New levels of fulfillment, financial abundance, and FREEDOM to live life on your terms.

Because of the support and insight I gained from [Marie], I had a five-figure launch... Now I'm feeling so confident and abundant about my business.

Since I started working with Marie my business has grown immensely. Marie helped me relaunch my group program The Well Woman Collective, and because of the support and insight I gained from her (launch strategy, marketing, branding and so much more) I sold out the program and had a five-figure launch. 

Additionally, I've gotten better at sales and strategy, in general, leading me to take on so many new soulmate clients, banking $21k in July! 

Now I'm feeling so confident and abundant about my business because I see it as a realistic way to support my lifestyle and future family, while also getting to love what I'm doing every day!


Marie has definitely helped me recognize my abilities as a true CEO.

Having Marie's eyes on my business is helpful because she’s always a step ahead. When I tell her I want to do X, she replies with X, Y, and Z. The beauty of it is, the ideas are kind of within you all along, but having her to extract them, organize them, and help implement them has been incredibly helpful. 

My favorite part of working with Marie is that she’s given me the confidence to play up on my strengths and utilize them to scale my business. As a business owner, it’s sometimes easy to doubt your ideas, content, etc. But she’s definitely helped me recognize my abilities as a true CEO. 


I had my first 5-figure month... If you are thinking of working with Marie-- there's nothing I would endorse more.

This past month, I officially hit 50 clients, some are in my brand new group program, and I had my first 5-figure month... $16,000 in sales, which is absolutely INSANE.

How I go about my business now, compared to when I started, is a complete night and day difference. I feel so empowered to charge what I do for my coaching, to be an authority in the fitness industry, and know how to identify and attract my ideal clients.

If you are thinking of working with Marie— there’s nothing that I would endorse more. It has completely changed the trajectory of my business. 


Since I started working with Marie one month ago, I've doubled my revenue while working less.

Since I started working with Marie one month ago, I've DOUBLED my revenue while working less, and my business has tangible ways to maintain focus and accelerate growth. I feel more confident each week because I have direction and guidance on how to get where I want to go. 

My favorite part of working with Marie is that she's SO approachable and a wealth of knowledge! I can ask her anything... from helping me create killer content, to closing a tough sales call. She holds nothing back, no secret formula, no hoops to jump through.


Follow in the footsteps of industry leaders:

Still not sure if Online Coach Empire™ is right for you?


✔️ You know that you are here to do big things, but you need someone in your corner that's going to help you make that vision a reality

✔️ You are currently making $4k-40k each month (on average) in your business, and you already know how to create amazing results for your clients

​✔️ You want to change way more lives, and make a damn-good income while doing it. You know that the more people you help, the more YOU earn, too. You're ready to make #abundance a lifestyle!

✔️ You are hungry for new strategies + systems to implement in your business, because you know that what got you HERE won't get you THERE.

​✔️ You are highly coachable and ready to implement-- there's no time to waste when your dream life is waiting! 

​✔️ You are a team player who will give just as much as you get from this community. This tight-knit community will be full of women who are here to connect, learn, and grow TOGETHER.


✖️ You don’t have an established business yet and need to work on building a strong foundation first. Psst, Online Coach Kickstart® would probably be perfect for you 

✖️ You plan to keep your business as a casual side hustle and don’t see yourself stepping into the CEO role, even if that means more freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment 

✖️ ​ You DON'T want to go bigger by making more impact or more money in your business; you're perfectly content where you're at.

✖️ ​You are a lone wolf and would rather not be a part of a community, even one that's full of high-vibe, like-minded women.

Your time to be deeply supported and super strategic is *now*.

Your dreams deserve a place to land and come to life.



Hi, I'm Marie.

After changing the lives of thousands of women while scaling my own wellness coaching business + lifestyle brand to multiple six-figures, I realized that I could create an even greater ripple effect by leading the next generation of heart-centered coaches.

Every day, I see countless coaches with incredible skills and a mission to change lives who are on the verge of their big breakthrough, if only they had the strategy + support to get there. 

I've personally invested well over $200k into masterminds, mentors, online courses, developing my own skills (and not to mention... also paying for two business degrees), and now I'm taking a select number of women under my wing to teach them the BEST of the best so that they don't have to waste any more time trying to fly solo.

When you join One Coach Empire Mastermind™, you get my eyes on your business for the long-game and I am personally invested in your success.

Here's How We'll Move the Needle:



We host a minimum of 2-3 90+ minute group coaching sessions each month where you’ll receive personalized coaching-- a chance to check-in, get feedback, and update your personalized plan of action-- PLUS plug in to other CEOs and their breakthroughs.

Contagious momentum meets world-class support ... all in your back pocket. Our OCE hub is your go-to place for daily questions, detailed feedback, and accountability. This is the best of mentorship AND community all in one.



You’ll get exclusive access *everything*, including my best-selling Content Boss and Online Coach Kickstart curriculums to ensure your biz foundation is rock-solid.

Between your private kick-off call, the abundance of hot seat coaching during our Zoom calls, or your weekly access 1:1... it's safe to say this is not your average mastermind.

Learn from Industry Leaders Like...

Dondrea Owens of The Creative's CFO, CPA 

Dondrea is Marie's CFO! She specializes in helping female online business owners take control of their finances, increase profits, and improve their strategies when it comes to money. 


Kaili is Marie's long-time copywriter and a clear leader in the online space. She has helped coaches, educators, and OSPs bring in MILLIONS by dialing in their messaging and marketing. 

Paige Griffith of The Legal Paige, Attorney 

Paige is a highly successful attorney who helps female entrepreneurs run legally legit business and navigate things like contracts, business entities, trademarks, and more. 

Topsie VandenBosch, Mindset Coach + Licensed Therapist

Topsie is a top mindset coach that specializes in helping female entrepreneurs bust through limiting beliefs + gain self-confidence so that they can see more success in their businesses. 

and many more!

It's time to surround yourself with women who get it + want nothing more than to see you succeed! 



7-figure CEOs take action, so take your pick:

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