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Hi! I'm Marie.

I’m a 7-figure CEO and business mentor helping women start + scale their dream businesses that make bank while making a difference™.

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austin, texas


I’m a crazy horse girl, have two snuggly Golden Retrievers, definitely count breakfast tacos as a core food group, and believe that with hard work and the right mindset, absolutely anything is possible™

I was always intrigued by the world of business + marketing, but like many others, thought the only way to be successful was to climb the corporate ladder. I envisioned myself with a closet full of J. Crew apparel and a ‘secure’ 9-5, using my above-average salary to treat myself and my limited vacation time to satisfy my love of travel.

At least that’s what I thought. Until it came time for me to sign on the dotted line for my first job offer letter and all I could feel was a full-body NO.

I desired to make my own rules.

If you’re here, I’m betting that you feel something similar. Like the white picket fence, 2.5 kids, and the cookie cutter path is fine for some, but not for you.

I knew deep down I wanted something different, I felt like I was meant for more, even if I didn’t know what that was at the time. 

The one thing I knew was I loved to create content, connect with people, and chase my idea of success which looks like total FREEDOM to call my own shots.


i wanted


i needed

So, I started there. I figured out how to merge my passions and my vision board into a profitable business, and I’ve been building MY dream life ever since.

I had already been posting on Instagram and pioneering the content and influencer space (I sold my first thing on the Internet at 17!) So when it was time to enter the 'real world' I knew I had to turn my love for content creation, community building, and all things health and fitness into a coaching business unlike anything I had ever seen before.

Within 5 years, I became an industry-leading wellness and confidence coaching banking a quarter-million annually.

But I didn’t do it alone–I had invested well over $200k into learning *all the things* about online business, between mentors, masterminds, conferences, courses, and more. 

Business was booming and I had people practically beating down my (virtual) door to learn how they could do it, too.

This was when I knew I had to step into a business coaching role myself. The desire to help serve others and transform their lives was so strong I just couldn’t ignore it anymore, I wanted everyone to feel what I felt. 

I made the pivot and never looked back. 

The demand has been amazing from day one, because it’s easy to see that I’m not just some girl on the internet who got lucky… my success was never an accident. Everything I did was intentional, strategic, and sustainable. 

Nowadays, 7-figures is the new normal, and while things in my business look a LOT different — my resourcefulness, passion, and desire to create impact have stayed exactly the same, if not grown bigger.

I consistently have sold-out, smash-hit launches, my community grows daily, and my fresh approach to strategy + mindset has made me a leader in the online space. Online coaches of all levels turn to me, from across the globe, for help as they build their dream businesses, and make bank while making a difference™

With my signature frameworks and industry-leading expertise, my clients master content creation, client attraction, sales + launch strategy, and their CEO mindset.

it all paid off.


Get to know Marie

my ennegram number:

3 AF, with a solid 4 wing

my COMFORT tv showS:

Spongebob, Parks & Rec

my sense of humor:

Dry, witty, and I love a good fart joke

my idea of a good time:

Dinner party, drinks, & game night

favorite travel destination

Italy is always a good idea

my alter ego:

Crazy horse girl

✓ Signing their first 10 clients in the first month of business
✓ Growing their Instagram following by 300%
✓ Making their first 10k, 20k, and 50k months
✓ Hiring team members to support them as they scale
✓ Launching new, smash-hit offers
✓ Serving clients so powerfully that they become raving fans
✓ Working way less, while making way more

The women I work with are total badasses who accomplish things like...

I believe that with hard work and the right mindset, absolutely anything is possible™ and there’s no reason why YOU can’t be the next success story.

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